We are Ground. A group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and personalities. We are more than just strong professional expertise: We also share the ability to serve our clients, to listen to and understand their needs. We see what is important and know how best to use our skills to support our clients. We know how to engage in social dialogue.

We listen, have constructive conversations and seek inspiring collaboration. We aren’t afraid to tackle difficult issues and help you understand them better. Our work is our passion, and we give it our all. To us, having heart also means being honest and genuine. That makes us easy to work with and be around. We are Ground – and we are inspired by challenges.

How can we help you? Get in touch. Let’s talk and get to work.

Ilkka Patrikainen

Communications Assistant
040 751 4725

Anna Sorainen

Creative Strategist
anna.sorainen (a) ground.fi
0400 334 451

Päivi Saarinen

Business Director, Lead Strategist
paivi.saarinen (a) ground.fi
040 196 2350

Kaisa Ruohonen

Communications Strategist, Account Executive
kaisa.ruohonen (a) ground.fi
040 164 9930

Tiina Koutajoki

Communications Strategist, Account Executive
tiina.koutajoki (a) ground.fi
0400 415 635

Eveliina Miettunen

Communications Specialist, Digital Communications
eveliina.miettunen (a) ground.fi
040 912 6286

Jaana Parkkola

Communications Strategist, Account Executive
040 571 0119

Petra Lassila

Strategist, Visuals
petra.lassila (a) ground.fi
050 329 8782

Annamari Nurminen

Communications Strategist
annamari.nurminen (a) ground.fi
050 328 3591